open mouth, insert foot

Several days ago:

me: Adam, you’re being really selfish. Why can’t we move your desktop to the dining room table for a week so that I can fill out job applications and be able to use the internet during the day?

a: Kathryn, I just don’t want to. It’s a lot of moving around and I like being able to listen to music while I fall asleep. It helps me block out our stupid neighbors.

me: Can’t you suck it up for like three days and then we can put the computer back? I really don’t think I am asking too much here. Please Adam

a: No. Please respect my decision.

me: You stink. We will talk about this again.

{stop rolling your eyes, mom. we both know i need the last word}


me: Adam, have you thought any more about letting me move the computer into the dining room for a while?

a: Yes and the answer is no. You say it will be out there for one week but that really means one month or six months or a year or forever and ever and I never get my computer back.

me: Oh Adam, you make it sound like I consume all parts of your life.

a: Well… Then he did his cute little smirky thing that only fuels the fire.

me: Come on. Seriously. I am begging.

a: Drop it.

me: No.

a: Seriously. Drop it, Kathryn.

me: No. I have even talked to other people about this and they don’t think I am asking too much either.

a: Are you serious?

me: Yep.

a: If you really want to know, I didn’t want to move my computer to the dining room because your new laptop will be here tomorrow.

me: Oh honey. Thank you thank you thank you!!! [Lots of jumping around and kisses]. But going back, can you understand why I was so upset that you wouldn’t move your computer.

a: Yes. You being mad was totally understandable.

Did I not marry one of the best men out there? I felt like a dog. LIKE A SPOILED LITTLE DOG.


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