happy birthday, sister morgan!

Just wanted to wish Sister Morgan the happiest of birthdays tomorrow! Let me just say that I have the  best (non-nun) sister. She dropped her life to chase her goal of being a Drama Therapist. She had to take quite a leap to get into the NYU program and she has sacrificed a lot to put herself through grad school.

School is just one of the plates that she keeps spinning. She is also a great daughter to my parents. They couldn’t be more proud of her. She’s a great sister. (This is the sister who flew home several times in a month and a half to be there for my bridal shower, college graduation, Christmas and our wedding. She’s the sister who finds me fun things off of etsy and knows what I like. This is the sister that brought Ben home for Christmas. She’s the one who makes it ok to work at a coffee shop with a college degree {She was a receptionist with a college degree}. This is the sister that still sleeps with her blankie even though she will be 25 tomorrow.) She’s a great friend (she will travel to come see you and she always brings fun). She is a great girlfriend (Ben is a pretty lucky dude. They make each other laugh and smile. What more could you ask for?) She’s a great citizen (even though I don’t agree with all of her views, you fills her responsibilities and keeps up with the world and what’s going on in it.) She’s a great everything.

Happy Birthday, Sister Morgan. Hope you have a fun day! And a great cobirthday party on Sunday 🙂


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