your love is a melody

your love is a symphony
all around me
running through me

your love is a melody
underneath me
running to me

Switchfoot rocks, needless to say. Those lines are from “Your Love Is a Song” off of their new album, Hello Hurricane. It seems that these lines sum up my life right now.

 Please pray for Adam and for me. We went to a new church on Sunday morning and it was great. This church is one where Adam’s parents were married 33 years ago and where Adam has applied to work. Adam received a phone call about a week ago letting him know that his application and resume were being reviewed. So, we decided to go and get the feel for the place.  Who knows? Maybe we wouldn’t feel like it was the right place? Or maybe we wouldn’t feel God there. Or maybe it would be a bunch of elderly without much youth.

WELL, none of those things were true. We got there early and got to meet Pastor Jim. (How’s that for a Baptist preacher’s name?!) He was warm, accepting, and happy to meet us. Adam and I found seats in the middle and the service came alive. 200+ people came flooding into the fellowship hall where old school christian music was playing (dc talk and newsboys to be exact) and energy buzzed around the room. SO exciting. Adam and I were approached and welcomed by a handful of people before the service. The service was fantastic. Praise music flooded out into the parking lot and many hands were held high. Unlike so many churches, the music was fabulous without making a big show about it. The singers were praising God, not impressing man. Pastor Jim has started the sermon series, “LOST,” based off of the hit tv show. He correlated the lost crew with us as lost sinners. He studied how several characters are lost within themselves and how many of us in the congregation may have lost ourselves or become someone who we don’t long to be. He used three parables to drive the lost/found concept home: the prodigal son, the shepherd and the sheep, and the women who was missing one of her coins. PJ wanted each of us in the congregation to feel God searching for us and for us to go about our week knowing that God is not beyond reach. He is there. He will provide. He will welcome you into his arms. It was a great message to leave with.

After the service, Adam and I waited in line to talk to PJ and thank him for the sermon. We talked about the sermon a bit more and about what FFBC is really looking for at this time and the journey to fill this slot. He made Adam no promises. He can’t guarantee anything. And that’s fine. It really, really is. It would be unrealistic to expect him to throw his arms around Adam and give him a job. BUT, he did tell us that Adam made it into the pool of top 5 candidates. Um, that’s huge. AND exciting.

As we left the church, we only became more excited. We went to the doors and two women were standing there and leaning/chatting. I excused us through and midway through the door, she apologized and welcomed us to church. She asked our names…turns out that she is on the search committee for the position….hmm, God, what are you doing here buddy?? Please don’t set us up for another let down. She actually knew Adam’s last name when we introduced us using only first names. Is that a sign?? Anyway, we got in the car and I realized I was crying. Happy tears flooded my cheeks. I honestly cannot remember the last time that I felt so welcomed in a church, so cared about in a christian family, so into what God had planned for us as a couple. Even if Adam doesn’t get the job, if we end up in the Fredericksburg area, we have found our church. All I can say is (in the kind words of Liz Lemon), “I want to go to there.”

Feel Free to check out FFBC here:


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