and there it is

Just so you know, I haven’t completely fallen off the edge of the Earth. Between reading (remember, a book a week? I have already done 34 books…hmm. Maybe I should be doing two books a week?) and everything else in my life, blogging has slipped through the cracks. I have truly missed it, so I am going to baby-step my way back onto the scene. 

This squirrel and I have about the same amount of energy right now!
God is awesome. Is there a better way to restart? He gives me friends like Michelle (the funniest, sweetest, smartest, most endearing co-worker ever.) Today I drove up to Micah’s just to talk to her- she is my free counselor. M has an uncanny ability to see into my mind and into my heart and let God speak through her to me. She really rocks.

Also, Adam and I are working on moving to the Richmond area. After touring BTSR (, Adam decided to apply and we are waiting for an acceptance letter. They have also offered him a job (pending acceptance of course), so it is really just me that needs to get the employment ball rolling. I’ve sent in lots of applications and now it is just network time. Anyone in Richmond want to give me a classroom full of kids?? I promise I am a fun teacher. Lots of learning and laughter to be had!  

We really just want to live near The Dairy Bar because they have the best milkshakes ever!!  

Fourth of July was pretty awesome. We kicked it simple style this year. Just a small group of Geiserts (Adam and I are Geiserts at heart) and some kayaks, food, and fireworks.  

Adam holding fireworks


2 thoughts on “and there it is

  1. so very glad you’re back to blogging…I’ve missed hearing your thoughts.
    Yes, the sky was really that stunning on 4th of July….and so was Adam!

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