Last month-ish I had the honor of being a pilgrim on a walk to Emmaus. Strange lingo- I know, but check out the program (http://www.upperroom.org/emmaus/). Talk about being filled with the Holy Spirit and the love of God. What a blessing.

During the walk, there are semonettes given on different subjects of discipleship and faith. So many things hit me and I understood God’s love more than ever. One of the Pastors told this story.

A little boy spent an entire winter building a little toy boat. He carefully painted the pieces and put the boat together plank by plank. Finally spring rolled around and he walked to the lake with the boat proudly tucked under his arm. Holding his breath, the boy set the boat in the water and it started to float. Excitedly, he jumped for joy and watched the water move the boat. A gust of wind caught the boat and took it to the middle of the lake. Worried about his boat, he realized that he couldn’t swim that far or that deep, so he searched for someone to help him. A man walked up behind him and stooped down to pick up some rocks. The man tossed the rocks at the boat and the boy was glad that the man had bad aim- none of the rocks were hitting his prize possession. As the rocks flew past the boat, the boat floated towards them. The boy soon realized that the man was creating waves to bring the boat back- how often are we in that boat? How often are we floating away and we feel that rocks are being hurled at us, but they are really rocks that are causing waves that bring us back to our Lord?

How cool is that? Our infinitely wise Father knows what rocks each of us need to draw us closer to him. For me- it’s a job. God has taught me and humbled me into being used in different jobs. He has taught me that my plan and His are not always the same, but that as a humble servant, I will be rewarded by following Him. Thank you, Lord.

I’d also like to add that God has blessed me with JMitch. JMitch sponsored me on my walk and for that, I will also be grateful. She’s the kind of friend you can cry and laugh with and never fear judgement. She’s the friend that babysits your puppy while you tool around the city. She’s the friend that takes you shopping when you don’t know anyone else. She’s the friend that tells you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it. She’s the friend that surprises you with Christmas jars, chocolate, flowers, and coffee. She’s the friend that floats through all groups of friends and is easy to be around. She’s the kind of forever friend.


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