onay abiesbay orfay emay

No babies for us for a while. As some of you may know, I was REALLY sick for a few months…with baby fever. Ridiculous, I know. No fear- we’re not preggers or anything. But I just really wanted a baby.  A cute little noodle to rock and sing to and love unconditionally. And I had the fever because of this little cabbage.

She’s pretty awesome, even though she is in the terrible two stage. She can single-handedly lock you out of the house (there are spare keys EVERYWHERE!), suck a whole pop-ice, sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and label many body parts. On the other hand, she can also burst your ear drums with her crying from the time-out corner, get play dough on every conceivable surface, and be the most stubborn child on this Earth.

What shocked me out of baby-mode was her ability to get my goat. I am simply not ready to let a toddler have the last word (pretty pathetic on part, I know.). But what is pretty great (which I will look forward to in future parenthood) is her ability to make the world look great. She can have tears still on her cheeks when she breaks out in laughter.


Me: “C., it’s time to go home. Say goodbye to your friends and let’s walk home. It’s time to leave the park.”

C: “No way dude.” runs to the horse

Me: “Come on, we can have an ice-pop when we get home.”

C: crying, “No.” hugs the horse

Me: “You can eat your ice pop on the glider with Popeye”

C: blows the horse a kiss, “Uppy. Thank you.”

We walk the five blocks home with her on my shoulders trying to decide what color ice-pop she wants.


One thought on “onay abiesbay orfay emay

  1. Only once did I declare that I would never bribe my children. It only takes once to eventually eat your words. It was at the beginning of potty training….all bribes were used:) I LOVE that you bribed her – great parenting Kathryn.

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