somewhere between terrified and electrified

packing is in progress

preparing for a new address

job hunting  is underway (for Adam),

we have done so much today

lots of houses we did see

which house will our home be?

lots of boxes and tape

how much money will this take?

packing two sets (apartment and future house)

creates a lot of tension between me and the spouse

we will forge our way through the new city

but mind you, it might not be pretty

seminary, a teaching job, and a part time job somewhere

are we going to pull out our hair?

will we forget to be thankful for all we have been given?

or will we humbly start this new chapter with fun livin?

this next month is going to be crazy

by christmas, i hope my worries will be hazy

this time next month, we’ll be in a new place

and settling into a very new space.

our temporary apartment is pet-free

so mom and dad will have our harvey

change is good, change is fun

but i am having a hard time not wishing the transition to be done.


One thought on “somewhere between terrified and electrified

  1. Great title…………always one precipiates the other. In this case, being electrified has brought terror, but terror from newness, from change, from opportunity – ALL of which I know you and Adam are up for. Congratulations my child – we’re here for you. like Aug. 7th for your yardsale.

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