thank you, smoothie sista

Last week the greatest thing happened at work.

Lady pulls up, orders a smoothie, and we start talking. Not too crazy so far, but hold the phone, here it comes. We are talking about jobs and I tell her I am moving to Richmond in a week and a half to start a teaching job in the inner city.

Here comes the amazing crazy: Smoothie Sista gets excited and lays hands on me and starts praying. Let’s not forget that she has ZERO idea whether I am a Christian or a Buddhist or Muslim or Mormon or JW or Agnostic. Considering that I am, in fact, a Jesus-lover,  I was overjoyed! excited! blessed! giggly! but I didn’t realize that she was really praying. Like really really praying. Like, Jesus, here-I-am-praying-so-expressively-and-passionately-that-no-one-has-a question-what-I-am-doing kind of prayer. Seeing that I am a young-twenties, white female, I don’t have a whole lot of experience in African American spontaneous prayer….until that moment.

Smoothie Sista starts in to quite the descriptive, authentic, and incredibly dynamic prayer. Something like this (please picture me hanging out a drive through window and her hanging out of her car- one hand on my arm and one hand holding her smoothie while her little poochie is watching from the back seat. “LORD ALMIGHTY, PLEASE bless this woman, her dog, and her husband. BE THERE with her as she LEADS and LOVES these children. THANK YOU for putting someone else on this earth like me- who just wants to KNOW and LOVE and SEEK You in all that we do. LORD ALMIGHTY, you KEEP her safe. Your BLESS her and LOVE her and make MORE of her. Lord, I just THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Amen, my Father.”

All I could say was, “Amen.” Smoothie Sista opens here teary eyes and just looks at me. What does one say in this situation? “Thank you for coming to Micah’s today and have a great day and thanks for the prayer?” or possibly “You just made me feel slightly uncomfortable but I loved it and I wish I could pray like you?” or “Daggone. That was amazing. Would it be awkward if I was the only white person in your church?” or “I simply love you. Can you please send me a devotional everyday and be my mentor?”

Instead, I awkwardly said, “Thank you for letting God speak through you to me today. You have assured me that this is right. Have a great day.” LAME-O.

She simply put her car in drive and said, “You have made my day.”  I made her day?? No ma’am, you have made mine.


One thought on “thank you, smoothie sista

  1. Absolutely love Love LOVE that this happened to you 😀 God is good in ALL He does! Love you and love that you shared this with the world because it’s blessed and encouraged me, too!

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