he’s a super trooper

fyi: this time next week we will be official richmondites!!

please keep us in your prayers: adam works sunday night through wednesday night and comes home thursday to then drive to richmond for his new job. while in richmond, he’ll find us a storage unit, dump some stuff, then measure our apartment, go to his new job for six hours, then turn around and drive back home…ahhh! meanwhile, i will be here working a few days and cleaning and packing and cleaning and packing

the moving truck comes friday. as does adam’s dad and brother. and maybe our friend, spud.

we roll out on saturday. we load up the truck, clean like crazy, and drive away. yipppee!

we will be in richmond late saturday afternoon and will hopefully be able to fit the appropriate things into our apartment.

sleep, then meet friends for brunch at The Dairy Bar! on sunday.

i start work on monday.

and we live happily ever after.


we had a great day yesterday. mom and dad came and helped us team up with michelle and ozzie to do a yard sale…we are about $150 richer! yippppeee! then we went to visit my grandfather (who has altzeimers) in the nursing home, visit another lady (my dad’s best friend’s mom), and then visit my cousin emily and her husband dave and their four beautiful children at their beautiful new/old farmhouse. http://town.bridgewater.va.us/ is a beautiful place.

we then drove to my aunt and uncle’s beautiful farm in keezletown. it is nestled at the base of massanutten mountain and is lovely year round. they do horse trails and it was fun to hear the horses’ sound effects while we ate our yummy dinner on the deck.

check it out: http://www.keezlenuttenfarm.com/index.asp

happy sunday.


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