front porch sittin’

tonight i had possibly my last night on the front porch across the street.

i have two older lady neighbor friends. both single. both funny. both catholic. both extroverted. they both bring me a lot of stimulating conversation (hello, a baptist talking with a catholic, what do you think is going to happen?!) and harvey loves cuddling with val and julie.

we sit on julie’s porch, sipping yummy things, eating her homemade ice cream, and look over our street and discuss all the happenings on walnut, in town, and in our lives. i sit and listen a lot

i am going to miss it all so very much. val never had kids and she loves hearing about adam, me and harvey.

julie has grown kids who live far away and so she likes to talk to me like her daughter.

i just sit there and bask in their love and their interest in me.

i love hearing about how their cats (they have six between them) are (they both make up voices for all their cats- shelby and butters have the funniest voices) and i love hearing about the world from someone else’s perspective.

i will miss the front porch sittin’ here in the boro.

our new house in richmond has a porch. maybe it is my turn to be the host?


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