pause the progress

this morning i paused the packing progress to brunch with my great friend, ann. she is such a joy. she has recently talked with her pastor about how we, as christians, plant and water seeds without even knowing it. discussing god and his awesomeness is such a great breakfast conversation.

then i went to kroger. can you tell i am putting off packing? seriously, who spends have an hour at kroger on purpose? most random receipt ever: half a gallon of milk, raisinets, gift card, m&ms, bottled water, lysol cleaner, gum, coupon, coupon, coupon. i am checking out and a lady asks, “where are you going on your road trip?!”

i wish. i wish i were hoping in the car to roll off on a fun, careless road trip. alas, i am not. we are doing something better/worse. we are packing and organizing to move into our next stage of life. slightly more stressful that a road trip, but way more satisfying.


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