it’s a blessing to be a blessing

at bluefield, i heard more teachers preach, “it’s a blessing to be a blessing.” yeah yeah yeah (insert a solid eye roll)

but how true they were.

when we left waynesboro yesterday, one of my good friends started crying and told me how i had helped her see and understand god better. she praised me for these things. i don’t deserve that. god should be praised. i spend the drive here (to richmond) admiring god for his amazing plans and thanking him for the courage to follow them.

we got here in one piece. praise the lord! after loading up three vehicles and a moving truck, a stop at wendy’s, a round at the gas station, and two hours later, we arrived at the storage unit. after piling 80% of our stuff in, we rolled to our campus apartment. it is a great little space. super efficient and very simple. pictures are to come 🙂

then came the tears. adam had left in search of a shower curtain and harvey and i were laying on the unmade bed and they came. lots of tears. i wasn’t sad though. i couldn’t identify what i was feeling. and then i realized that it is times like this when i just need to pray. so i laid there and prayed for a while and i felt better. god revealed to me that it is never wrong to follow his will and when you surrender your daily action and choices to him, he will take away the feelings of loneliness and the feelings that come with being in a new place and being unsettled. i was crying out of confusion. i was missing some of my regular emotions- doubt, sadness, depressing, feeling lost. they weren’t there. i didn’t have my crutches to emotionally cling to. there were only neutral feelings.  is that good or bad? i don’t know. i just know that god has shown me that he brought us here, so he will provide for us. provide financially, physically, AND emotionally. and for that i will ever be thankful


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