thank you, elliot and olivia

Today is the last day of Christmas Break. Tomorrow I am back to my classroom. Back to my nine students. Back to working 9-10 hour days. Back to creating lessons and preparing projects. Back to life.

In preparation, Adam and I have used this day to fully be prepared….by watching the Law and Order: SVU marathon and taking naps. It has been lovely. I love Elliot and Olivia from SVU. Elliot is intense and passionate and firm and goes over the line. Olivia is a little bit softer but as a patient of her said, “a litta bit gansta.” I couldn’t help thinking about school. Saint Bradley is Elliot and I (on good days) am Olivia. Watching E and O nab bad guys and help victims hits very close to home with what Saint B and I do at school. We are given hurt, lost children and help them stand up, brush off their clothes, and start walking again.

So, this year, 2011, will be the year of walking. 2010 was about standing up and brushing off our clothes. In September I started crawling. It is January. My benchmark is to walk. Maybe by March I will be jogging and by June I will be racing. We’ll see. Baby steps.

Tomorrow is the first walk. Wish me luck.


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