it’s a multi-day process

Friday: I came home from work in tears. It was a day. from. hell.  I was ready to walk out on my job. I almost did….but that requires energy. Instead I climbed into my car and went home.

Saturday: Slept in. Did JMitch’s hair for a wedding {she looked [stunning!]}. Went to Target to get Daniel some stuff for his new apartment. Picked up some stuff for my school kiddos (yes, the ones that made my friday a day.of.hell). Suddenly decided to go to Zanoni for the night. Packed up the car and Adam, Harvey, and I were on our way. Mom and I graded papers until 10. Good times. Thanks Mom {you’re a lifesaver!}

Sunday: Graded papers and did school work until 2:30. I feel caught up. Loved up. Rested up. Back at home now. And I am at peace. At peace with the fact that tomorrow is Monday again. At peace with the fact that I can’t fix the world.


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