Tell Me a Story….

The totem poles were interesting. Interesting and depressing.

To brainstorm ideas for the totem “story,” I asked my students, “What is something that you are proud of that you worked hard to learn?”


More silence.

Then chaos.


Apparently my students are secretly scuba-divers, concert pianists, and Olympic swimmers.

Then I told them the story must be a true.

Silence. Confusion.

My children aren’t successful at much. For several students, I had to revoke the “true story” part. Depressing.

The rear wall of my classroom is covered with poles. Today I made the goal that each child will graduate from my classroom with a positively true totem story…that’s doable, right?


3 thoughts on “Tell Me a Story….

  1. it is doable.

    and whether you realize it or not, and whether they realize it or not, you are a part of their story… today and for the rest of their lives.

    “be the change you wanna see. be the hope to those whose lives are far from easy. reach out and lend a hand, share everything you can and be the change…”

    i’m proud of you and i love you. and i miss you. your perserverance when things are hard in the classroom speaks volumes… to me, and to your kids… even if you (or they) cant’ see it…

  2. Would love to talk to you more about this, K! You have a great thing going…and I think the kids that created their original success stories can greatly benefit from this too! I’d be happy to share some drama therapy ideas with you that are totally easy to use.

  3. wow KK. wow. Many feelings about this, many thoughts too. A dominate feeling: I’m very proud of you. A dominate thought: HOPE, you are giving them hope and hope is being demanded of you.
    And I am hopeful (“certain” according to the greek word “hope”) that you are positively affecting the lives of your students and I am certain that you won’t lose yourself in the midst of it.

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