attendance call

Today one of my student’s mother passed away. He answered the phone when I called and told me about it when I called to inquire about his absence.

God, you make no sense. I am not happy with you.

My class made cards and we talked about death. My children have experienced death and loss unlike most people. One of my sixth graders said, “He has lost a piece of him that he will never get back.” There are moments of clarity and understanding in my class that never cease to shock me.

On a happier note, I am going to a baby shower this weekend. I have been looking forward to this shower more than I look forward to most things. To be around a glowing pregnant lady and celebrating the arrival of a new life is amazing. I need some happy. I need some glowing people.

While I’m back in the ‘boro, I am also visiting a little girl I used to babysit and I am STOKED! This little girl reminds me that there are healthy, loved children out there. Hopefully, I will get to experience healthy, loved children at some point.


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