one is the lonliest number

Tomorrow I am headed to the ‘boro for a baby shower, this you already knew. Adam headed out today (Friday) to go help his dad with some around the house projects. So that leaves me. home. alone. Less than thrilling.

As I drove home I started getting sad. My mother-less student has been on my mind all day. My heart breaks for him and his family. And of course, I talked to God. Reminded him that I become bitter when bad things happen to people that already have a rough life.

It was not shaping up to be a fun evening. But then, things changed.

I stopped by the grocery store (what I needed was on sale) and then headed home. I parked in front and noticed that all of the bulbs that I planted in the fall are breaking through the soil. I open the door to a thrilled Harvey dog who has nothing else on his mind but to give me supreme loving. Many kisses and laps around the family room later, I let him outside. Next thing I know, I have about 5 kids in my back yard playing with Harvey and me. Harvey and I return to the kitchen 15 minutes later. Then a knock, knock, knock….there were more kids. At one point I counted 9 children in my back yard. All they wanted to do was play with Harvey. I leashed him and handed him back out to the kiddos.

Standing at the kitchen window, watching healthy, radiant children playing with Harvey humbled me. Watching those children was my gift. God flushed out the bitterness and replaced it with thankfulness.

And for my Lord, I will always give thanks.


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