today it came

I am cleaning the upstairs bathroom when Harvey starts barking and runs downstairs.

So, I follow.

There’s a mechanical hum.

An older man and his grandson are weed-eating my grass.

What to do? Do they want to be caught in this random act of kindness? Do they know I’m home? I know they cut the front grass a couple of weeks ago….what do I do? Do they expect payment? I don’t have any cash…would it be insulting to pay them?

Harvey and I step out and say thanks and that cutting the grass really isn’t necessary, even though it is so greatly appreciated.

We talk about lawn mowers for a few minutes and they forge ahead.

I take out a pitcher of ice water.

Then they weed-eat around the fence, the grill, the house…every nook and cranny.

Water seems lame after such a great labor of love.

While I am going through a doubt-filled phase with God, I am reminded that he loves me and sometimes the heart just needs to be open for love.

It’s nice to know that love is alive and active. Today it came in a kind grass-cutting crew.


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