Something about switching from teaching inner city ruffians to high military population, solid middle class kiddos gave me a false sense of security that the world is ok. I shifted from kids that have been sexually abused to kids with different tennis shoes for each day of the week. My current kids sing to Pitch Perfect, participate in weekend select sports, and carry iPhones instead of returning home to abusive parents, little food, and even tinier amounts of love like my GEARA kids. 

Somehow, people are still people. In one of my reading groups, we are reading Stepping on the Cracks  by Mary Downing Hahn ( The story follows two girls and their adventures with the school bully, WWII, and preteen issues. 

We were sharing connections we made today while sitting at the round table. B got quiet at his turn and I he said he understood, Gordy, the leading antagonist. B lowered his head and said their dads were the same: drunk in public and abusive. 

Wednesday lesson: You can run, but you can’t hide. 


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