awkward sauce

In reading small groups, we are reading a text that has the word hell.  Such scandal in room T3!

During discussion, I asked, “Why might the character, who is your age, use this word?”

After some rigorous fodder, one student asked me if I used hell.  Hmm. 12 eyeballs stared. Preaching honesty in my classroom, I simply nodded, explaining that sometimes strong emotions warrant strong, adult words.

Holding my breath, he started laughing. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Long, my parents used to use it a lot.”

Awkward moment.


Another awkward moment.

More stares.

“Oh?” I couldn’t help myself.

Student went on to explain how his parents used to argue frequently and how he heard the word often when their voice level would increase along with the D and F words. He spoke of how his dad lived in a separate apartment for a year. He spoke of split weekends, hard times, and then asked if he could be the line leader.

Alrighty, then. Let’s line up for lunch.



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