I was recently explaining to my students that sometimes our DIBELS (reading assessment) scores go up and down like a heart beat. What I should have said was, “Life is a heartbeat. There are highs and lows.” Twenty six was my heartbeat year. Never has my heart been so high and then, so low. 

Twenty-six began in mountain time. Mom and I were leaving a successful week in Colorado where I had attended a job fair and had several interviews. We left Colorado feeling elevated and ready feeling excited for what was to come in Adam’s and my next great adventure: Virginia to Colorado (or #vatoco, so it became so quickly on my instagram). I digress.

Birthday in March.

April, May, June, and July brought a lot. Leaving my job at VCU. Accepting my job in Colorado. Saying goodbye to friends. Last minute meals with friends. Fun excursions, time spent in Gloucester, traveling to Staunton, Geisert camp-o-raja, and then the Ps: purging, packing, and pinot.

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Image ImageJuly was move month. We drove. And drove. Thankfully, it was a life’s high moment. There’s nothing quite like realizing that all that you own is in a truck and you are in charge of getting it there safely. “There” being a place that you’ve visited twice and decided to move because you are seeking adventure (and less migraines/allergies).

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We arrived. Pulling up in a new neighborhood to a great house (good job, Adam!) was an awesome experience. We had two families greet us and we felt our new home. Felt it in a surging, energetic, life-is-real-and-we-are-handling-it-like-a-hoss way. 

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Life settled. We both worked. We made friends. Found our grocery store. Our park. Our everything new.


Mom and Dad had a great, but turbulent visit. Weather socked in and safety was a concern. But even then, the sun continued to peek out. 

Image Image

Seasons changed and life went on, except for one life. My Pop lost his violent battle with cancer in the Fall. My Pop. My story-telling, life-loving, lesson-teaching, saying-proclaiming, passion-filled Pop was gone. I’ve lost people in my life, but no loss had ever struck as deeply as losing him. It has beyond horrid. Suddenly living across the country went from joy and adventure to bittersweet and difficult. We flew home for a few days to lay him to rest. 



Several weeks later, my dear friend Kelly got married. I flew home for the second time in four weeks. Catching up with old college friends was beyond fantastic. Time is a tricky thing. In moments, time was suspended. Kel and I picked up where we left off. In other ways, time has brought me so far away I can hardly recognize the college me. It was dually bittersweet and heart filling.


I returned to Colorado and Adam and I {thankfully!] had visitors. After some much needed Kendall time, I felt stronger. Cuddly, fun Kendall brought some Virginia joy with her. 



And then Justin came (truth be told, I can’t remember who came first). Justin is such a delight. Twenty six was looking up. 



Adam, Harvey, Stella, and I had a very Colorado Christmas. We feasted with our adoptive Colorado family and enjoyed the holiday. Once again, bittersweet was the definition. Not seeing our Virginia family was super strange and somewhat lonely. 


However, we received the greatest gift right after Christmas: a positive pregnancy test (actually, 6 to be exact).



We snuggled and celebrated. Never have I felt more alive. We were slightly past the halfway mark of our first trimester. Little did we know, another low dip was coming. We lost the baby about a week before our anniversary in January. When people ask how I’m doing, I end up replying, “Nobody tells you what it’s like to lose a baby.” Now I know there’s no way to describe it. Twenty six was not going well. 

We celebrated our anniversary by going to the hot springs, something I would not have been able to do if the baby had held on. It was liberating to allow myself to have fun and enjoy life. Giving myself permission to smile, laugh, and live was no easy feat. Thank God I had Adam. He is a man of strength and compassion and patience. Never have I been so sure of who I married. 



In January of my twenty sixth year: lost baby, celebrated 5th anniversary. Hmm.

In February of my twenty sixth year: pretty much abandoned birthdays (sister Morgan, Adam, and my Dad). We also had issues with our Richmond house. Our realtors were beyond skeezy, then, of course, the pipes bust in our house during closing (still our responsibility = still our money to fix it.) 

In March of my twenty sixth year: praying for twenty six to be over. 

March 26: twenty six is officially over and twenty seven began. 

A new year started, again, in the mountain time zone. 

A new year started, with a lot more life under my belt.

A new year started, with Morgan and Ben here to celebrate life and remind us of everything in life that makes it worth living.



A new year. I got this. Twenty seven is going to be legen-, wait for it…..




One thought on “twenty-seven

  1. Loved this recap. This made me realize that I need to take more pictures… and get on a plane to come see you guys! I have good feelings about this year for you! Love you, sweet KEGL!

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